Eclipse Magic

Haley Mills

The excitement about tomorrow’s eclipse reminds me of the eclipse of July 20, 1963. My father was worried that my sister and I would ruin our eyes staring at the partial eclipse forecast for High Point, North Carolina. Since it occurred on a Saturday, we’d be out of school, and unsupervised. What to do?

We didn’t have much money, but on that day, my father took us to a movie. I remember it well: In the dark theater, shielded from the sun’s blinding rays, we munched popcorn and watched Summer Magic, staring an adorable Haley Mills. Though only ten, I fell forever in love with Haley.

Here’s an interesting coincidence: Summer Magic was set in Maine, which experienced a total eclipse that day. Magic indeed!

Tomorrow, I’ll have my pinhole camera and a bottle of water ready. Here’s to safe and fun viewing!


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