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There’s No Getting Around It: Old Is Old

If you like hard truths expressed with charm and insight, you’ll want to check out Neil’s latest. This message is one I can relate to!

Yeah, Another Blogger

Holy crap, or more to the point, holy shit, I’m getting old. Old, as in old. I mean, how is this possible? I used to think that the rules didn’t apply to me. I don’t like this game!

Not until my most recent birthday, though, did I ever feel the least bit depressed about the advancing years. But when I spun the dial six months ago and it landed on the big 7-0, I gulped. Then I gulped again. Then I said to myself, “Neil, you’ve been around a looong time. In your head you might feel no different than you did when you were 45. But times have changed. The wrinkles on your face are multiplying faster than amoebae. Not to mention that your ass is starting to look as grainy as a minute steak. And the hairs on your head? Cowboy, there are fewer of those…

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Have a Merry Cowboy Christmas!


On Sunday, I attended the annual Christmas present giveaway for Lumbee and Choctaw children at the Rockin K Ranch in Huntersville, North Carolina. The kids got bikes, tons of candy, and clothes.

The little buckboard above that’s all gussied up for Christmas sat in a corner of the dance hall. I loved it and the Wild West paraphernalia around it. Click on the image to enlarge, and be sure to check out the Lone Ranger movie poster on the wall. I figured I had to share it with you.

Merry Christmas one and all!