Short Fiction

WinterStarWinter Star – It’s 1988. Trey Evans borrows his father’s truck so he can transport his shortwave radio to the top of Winter Star Mountain. Trey and his friend Booney hope to take advantage of their high-altitude monitoring post and a freak solar storm to catch rare, faraway transmissions. But someone is listening to them. It’s the latest featured podcast at Tall Tale TV.

Little Blue MarbleA Tree Amid the Wood – Franklin Pratt has designed a living house that adapts to its owner’s needs. But before he can share his creation with the world, a stroke cuts him down. Only one person can help him remember how to build it — but Franklin fears she really wants to steal his invention. It’s in the latest Little Blue Marble. Now available from Amazon in Kindle or paperback.

Quarter(ly)SmallAn Alignment of Wood and Water – Zach Benson has to return to an isolated beach house to deal with a disgruntled customer. That’s bad enough, but the customer is a witch — and she’s not the only one upset about his work. From Quarter Press, and now available at Amazon.

days-to-remember-small-1Social Network – A mysterious pandemic of nightmares torments the entire country, and no one knows why.   From Flash Fiction Magazine. “That is a scary image … and a great story with a dose of hope.” D. Wallace Peach, author of The Shattered Sea Duology.

days-to-remember-small-1The Tell-Tale Armadillo – Chief Medical Examiner Treka Dunn returns to face her toughest challenge. A natural gas explosion has leveled a mansion, leaving behind a dead man, a wounded visitor, and a rich widow. Faced with contradictory clues, Treka resorts to the only fact she can be sure of — nothing is what it appears to be.  It’s the latest Crimeucopia anthology from Murderous Ink Press. Now available on Amazon.

days-to-remember-small-1Days to Remember – In the year 2030, former soldier Zach Martine is serving time in the Alzheimer’s pod at a maximum security prison. He’s guilty of the crimes he’s imprisoned for, though he still believes he’s been treated unjustly. Then the visions begin…

mysteryweeklysmallAbsence of Evidence – Treka Dunn, the Senior Medical Examiner in Gilead, Missouri, concludes Davis Washburn died of natural causes. However, Washburn’s autistic son believes his father was murdered — and knows who killed him. #1 in Literary, Sci-Fi & Mystery eMagazines on Amazon!

A Good Couple – Alan McCrae discovers that the business of conducting weddings is getting complicated. From Idle Ink.


The Calculus of Karma Deputy Malcolm Lamb races against time to find a killer and head off an escalation in the deadly turf war between corporate and wildcat miners on the asteroid 16 Psyche. From Mystery Weekly Magazine, “the world’s most-read monthly mystery magazine.” Kindle or paperback now available through Amazon. “The Calculus of Karma was a real treat.” Robin Grenville-Evans 

Mirrors Do we really know who and what we are? Sometimes you need an outsider’s perspective. An alien’s, for example. Dr. Annette Thatcher gets such a chance when she rescues the lone survivor of an alien spacecraft that crash-lands on the moon she’s studying. From the premiere issue of Hexagon Speculative Fiction Magazine. “A thought-provoking read.” Didi Oviatt, author of Justice For Belle.

Hunting Ground Attorney Buddy Vuncannon must defend an anti-fracking activist who’d threatened an engineer whose body is found in a marsh. Vuncannon discovers the marsh hides a bizarre secret that could clear his client — if there were a way he could prove it in court. “I enjoyed M.C. Tuggle’s “Hunting Ground” for its unusual antagonist. CHANGED WORLDS (Unbound Book 2) is a great read for those wanting to spice up their lives with something new.” Ben A. Sharpton, author of 2nd Sight. Available at Kobo.

Two Funerals (And A Wedding) Carter Black is a young man with a special gift, one he often wishes he didn’t have. His mother assures him he represents the next step in human evolution. But when his mother dies, Carter must confront the true significance of that gift.

The Shiny Side Wanda June Vincent, an experienced trucker, helps her friend Travis off-load some of the contents of Travis’s overweight trailer. But neither suspects the secret lurking in one of the innocent-looking crates they’re hauling. “Mischief and cover-ups, always a recipe for fun!” Ron Schulte

The God Particle Larry Bethany, a rookie engineer at the Ising Particle Collider, knows the facility’s inner workings better than anyone else. But when the system’s super-magnets threaten to melt down, Larry learns more about the collider – and himself – than he thought possible. “Fabulous story — I really enjoyed it.” S. J. Higbee, author of the Sunblinded Trilogy.

Metaphorosis Cathedra Ben Kaplan, an astrogeologist-for-hire in the Asteroid Belt, returns to the mining colony on Enceladus, Saturn’s most treacherous yet most beautiful moon, to discover why two miners have disappeared. “‘Cathedra’ is a wonderful–and memorable–story.” Susan Shell Winston, author of Singer of Norgondy Now available in paperback on Amazon!

Sci Fan magazine UPDATE: #1 New Release for Fantasy Anthologies on Amazon!

Fate’s Daughters – Dr. Thomas Lear blends Scottish mysticism and quantum mechanics to discover what would have happened if he’d made better choices in his life. But he learns there are worse things than regrets over past mistakes.

Great KOA GetawayThe Great KOA Getaway – Park manager Bunt Jasper gets caught in the middle of a little interstellar misunderstanding. “A well-written tale — got my attention from the start.” Peter Lingard, author of By My Side. Background here.


Whisper ListingWhisper Listing In transactions involving haunted real estate, the rule is not only caveat emptor but also caveat venditor. UPDATE: Included in Editors’ Choices for Bewildering Stories’ Third Quarterly Review, 2016. Background here.

Witch Flambe_smallWitch Flambé – Someone’s using magic spells to sabotage an outlaw restaurant. “One of the funnest supernatural who-done-its I’ve read.” Samuel Finlay, author of Breakfast With The Dirt Club
Background here.

Silver BladeBlack Ghost – Twelve-year-old Jemmah mourns his late grandfather, but doesn’t want to join in the last rites prescribed by his grandfather’s fading religion. “A story with a sense of place and a nice emotional payoff.” Blair Peery, author of Calentirrian D’Versi and his Startling Stratagem for Advancement
Background here.

ClinchersmallThe Clincher – When Jack Council’s ad agency lands its biggest client, Mad Men meets The War of the Worlds. “Perfect ending!” Gary Gautier, author of Landed Patriarchy in Fielding’s Novels
Background here.

Notes UndergroundNotes From The Underground – It’s a Battle of the Bands in a post-apocalyptic world.  “This story right here is gold.” A. E. Stueve, author of Former

Background here.


KzineSpell Check – Jordan Connaway didn’t believe the odd little man who told her she had an unusual talent. “A quaint magical story, a little bit sad and a little bit scary.” Steve Rogerson, in Wizzley Literature. Now available in paperback on Amazon!


GoosebGooseberryMinierry – Some childhood fears are real. (And don’t miss Marge Simon’s bewitching illustration!)


CameronCameron Obscura – An autistic savant is determined to keep the promise he made to his dying father. “Well-written, unpredictable, plausible. Good story. I didn’t expect to be affected by such a short tale.Tito Perdue, author of Lee and Fields of Asphodel.

SnakeheartSnake Heart – A utopian world is threatened when a girl discovers she is afflicted with a disorder that makes her a throwback to a primitive, barbaric age.


AquariusAquariusWhat price progress? A superhuman challenge will make us superhuman. Won’t it?



UprisingThe Uprising – It was a poor night for conspirators.

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