Eclipse Magic

Haley Mills

The excitement about tomorrow’s eclipse reminds me of the eclipse of July 20, 1963. My father was worried that my sister and I would ruin our eyes staring at the partial eclipse forecast for High Point, North Carolina. Since it occurred on a Saturday, we’d be out of school, and unsupervised. What to do?

We didn’t have much money, but on that day, my father took us to a movie. I remember it well: In the dark theater, shielded from the sun’s blinding rays, we munched popcorn and watched Summer Magic, staring an adorable Haley Mills. Though only ten, I fell forever in love with Haley.

Here’s an interesting coincidence: Summer Magic was set in Maine, which experienced a total eclipse that day. Magic indeed!

Tomorrow, I’ll have my pinhole camera and a bottle of water ready. Here’s to safe and fun viewing!



JRR Tolkien
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Didi Oviatt reviews The Genie Hunt

The Genie Hunt

Author Didi Oviatt has posted this review of my latest book, The Genie Hunt. Here’s an excerpt:

I really like the main character, Buddy Vuncannon. … Buddy is placed in a situation where he’s forced to outsmart his opponents in law, as well as in crime, and the Genie. Through the struggle he thinks outside the box, and the way he is able to mentally navigate the situation at hand is genius. He’s very smart, always a step ahead.

I’m flattered! Be sure to pay Didi a visit, and read the rest of her review of The Genie Hunt.

Help us convince to add Science Fantasy (SciFan) as a recognized genre

Science Fantasy


What is Science Fantasy (SciFan)?

“Science Fantasy (SciFan) is a genre that fuses magical and technological elements in an elegant way in order to create worlds that inspire the imagination.Science Fantasy (SciFan) is a genre that is often ignored.”

Not too many people are familiar with the genre, but it was originally coined in the late 1930’s by John W. Campbell, Jr. in his magazine that was (ironically) entitled Unknown.

The Science Fiction genre is often defined as the improbable made possible, whereas the Fantasy genre is commonly defined as the impossible made probable. So then, what is Science Fantasy (SciFan)? Fellow author Ricardo Victoria defines it best as: “A genre that blends fantastic and scientific elements into a coherent worldbuild to tell a story in a more interesting and flexible way.”

Please sign the petition, and help give Science Fantasy the recognition it deserves. Thank you!

Quote of the day

Flannery O'Connor

“Since the eighteenth century, the popular spirit of each succeeding age has tended more and more to the view that the ills and mysteries of life will eventually fall before the scientific advances of man, a belief that is still going strong even though this is the first generation to face total extinction because of these advances.” – Flannery O’Connor

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