Best fiction and writing blogs


The best fiction and writing blogs, compiled by il miglior fabbro

It’s time to plan for the new year, so let’s focus on how to improve our writing. Here are the best resources I discovered in the past year. 2014 was a pretty good writing year for me. I hope these pointers will work for you, too. Enjoy!

Write on the River: 16 Thoughts for Authors/Publishing for 2015 [Wow! Don’t miss this]
Amina Gautier: Joy of Revision
A Writer’s Path: Writer’s Toolbox [More like the super-writer’s utility belt! See for yourself.}
Hugh Hart: 8 Tips For Creating Great Stories From George R.R. Martin
Jordan Dane: Five Key Ways to Make Your Characters Memorable
Jodie Renner: Get into Your Protagonist’s Head 
Chuck Palahniuk: Eliminate “Thought” from your writing! [The single best pointer of the year for me]
Steven James: Pump Up Your Creativity

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