Apollo 11


Where were you when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon?

I remember that night well. I was in my second week working at my first job as a projectionist at WGHP-TV in High Point, North Carolina. Since we were on network feed all night, all I had to do was load our station ID slides and run a few commercials. In addition to me, there was the director and an engineer. That was the skeleton crew, and we were pretty well psyched all night. Nothing could have torn me away from the video monitor when Neil Armstrong stepped out of the lunar lander. The three of us stood motionless in that cramped control room full of racks of electronics and stared in total awe.

So — when’s the next bold adventure in space?

8 thoughts on “Apollo 11”

  1. I was at my first summer job also as an underage (12) burger flipper at Mr. T’s Frost ‘n Snack. A few weeks later, I remember Mr. T. and I scouring the news every night for his son’s face in the Woodstock coverage. His son was a few years older than I was. Lucky bastard.


      1. No, looking back, our squinting at that little black-and-white TV seems silly, with almost half a million people there. But the world was young and we were in the midst of it, without the stabilizing benefits of hindsight. I think even a few days before Woodstock they were only expecting about 40,000, and it may have been weeks later that we realized it was 400,000.


  2. Ben,

    No problem at all! Always good to hear from you. In fact, I’ve kicked around the idea of writing a story based on that night, and never could work up anything worth pursuing. Looking forward to reading your story.


  3. I was in junior school, the whole school seated crosslegged on the floor watching the tiny TV screen and singing “What a wonderful world” while we waited…
    There has been nothing of that magnitude since as far as space is concerned. We barely seem to even look at what is sent back by the various probes these days.


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