8 thoughts on “My interview with M.C. Tuggle”

  1. Great interview, Mike. I can totally see Chris Pratt as Buddy in the Genie Hunt. And I had no idea you were a Hemingway fan, plus I share your enthusiasm for the works of Jack London. I’ve visited his home a couple times, Wolf House, since he donated it to the state and it’s right here in northern California. I get a charge out of diving into his character, finding out more about the man behind the stories.

    Glad to see you’re getting interviews that are doing that for you. May The Genie Hunt do well! 🙂


    1. cathleentownsend,

      Thank you! Yes, I’m a big fan of ol’ Ernie. Back when I was getting nothing but rejection slips from editors, I’d pester them with polite but insistent emails asking why. Finally, a couple of them said I had great plots and interesting characters, but so much description that it slowed down the action and character development.

      I worked on that shortcoming by hand copying passages from Hemingway and Elmore Leonard, then I’d write out what I thought might come next. I got pretty good at that, and the exercise definitely helped me distinguish description that moves the story along from that which bogs things down.


  2. I just read your interview! The paragraph in your excerpt where Diab was describing the physicality of the Jann was so concise, yet full. As one who has not read your book yet, that one paragraph sold me.
    The next part was golden! *smiles*

    “I chewed on that one a bit. “He can read your mind?”

    Diab nodded. ‘Like an open Kindle.'”

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