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H. P. Lovecraft was born on this date in Providence, Rhode Island. A self-taught science and astronomy buff, Lovecraft built upon the legacy of Edgar Allan Poe to pioneer and define what is now known as weird fiction and cosmic horror.

In addition to his many works of fiction, he was a prolific correspondent, notably with Robert E. Howard. His works continue to inspire both writers and moviemakers. Writers who acknowledge Lovecraft’s influence include China Miéville and Joyce Carol Oates. Lovecraft has also inspired indie filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, as well as Guillermo del Toro.

9 thoughts on “This day in history”

  1. A lot of people see Lovecraft as a science fiction horror writer, but in my mind he is an excellent Gothic writer, using all the Gothic elements, the supernatural, the unknown, man powerless in the face of nature, madness, and strong emotion. Lovecraft can give me chills like no other. It’s his sense of impending doom and the unknown that truly brings on a feeling of unease, feelings we face in life. He has certainly been an influence on my writing.

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    1. Jonathan,

      His broad knowledge of science and the supernatural was amazing. It’s odd that such a somber voice could entertain and make you come back for more. It worked on me!

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  2. Great post on someone whose work I’ve always loved and good to remember him. Also good to remember his dark side though – he had some pretty ugly views on a series of social issues.



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