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“‘Centrism’ is about eclecticism across time, not just across the partisan spectrum: I’m a ‘reactionary’ about some civilizational traditions that proved useful for centuries, but a ‘progressive’ about embracing many social & technological innovations.” Dr. Geoffrey Miller, evolutionary psychologist

7 thoughts on “Quote of the day”

  1. Read this several times to ensure that I truly appreciated the sentiment. Appreciate your putting it out there and it really does resonate with me. Having said that, the line he draws between time and the partisan (political) spectrum may not be quite as bright as he suggests. Is it arguable that many of our partisan divisions are also generational / time based? Either way – nice to have the chance to think about something other than Quarter close on a Friday in September. 😉



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      1. The divisions under Trump are most interesting, though perhaps too divisive to discuss here in detail.

        Transience vs. community-oriented. Too many urban elites believe they’re better than community-oriented folks. “The specialist is the enemy of the peasant.”

        It’s fascinating to try to figure just what drives a person to success, but moving around or relocating to an urban setting for better pay isn’t for everyone.

        And having children early or later (or not at all) is part of it.


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