And the top 25 are …


Nicola Alter offers two lists of movies well worth your time. Her Top 25 Fantasy Movies and Top 25 Science Fiction Movies provide an excellent introduction to some of the best sci-fi/fantasy stories on film. I know I’ll be on the Netflix website ordering the classics I never got around to seeing — and (I hate to admit!) I’ll also re-order some I’ve forgotten over the years. Hey, it happens.

I do have one little quibble with her remarks on the X-Men movies: “I can’t separate out the different films here as I love them all. I’ll never get sick of going to see new X-men films, because they never disappoint.”

Okay, the first X-Men was an A- and the second was an A+ — in my opinion, a better superhero movie than the over-rated Superman of 1978. But number three, The Last Stand, despite great casting, was a nonsensical and confused clump of special effects. It was more like vandalism than movie-making.

Quibble aside, you’ll have to check out these two posts.

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