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“As a literary form, then, the uncanny tale can be a means for expressing truths enchantingly. Many are drawn to this literary genre as it affirms what most of us know, and that is the truth that our senses are not capable of apprehending all that was, is, or will be. While the ‘scientists’ or ‘materialists’ will not acknowledge it, ‘nature’ is something more than mere fleshly sensation, and that something may lie above human nature, and something below it—why, the divine and the diabolical rise up again in serious literature.” Russell Kirk on ghost stories

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. I think some scientist would say there “may” be something above human nature but that’s merely a belief or an intuition that we cannot prove or falsify. The philosopher might respond that the way we’re constructed to experience the world (the categories, or as Kant called them the “ontological predicates.”) limits our ability to see beyond the defined categories….so there may be something there but our perceptional apparatus may not be capable of seeing it. Quantum physics actually supports this belief in some ways. The world we see really isn’t as we see it!

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    1. Jeff Wills,

      I agree. Both the theist and atheist can be guilty of intellectual arrogance: “This is the way things are; end of discussion.”

      There’s a rich complexity in nature that makes life impossible to summarize in a dead formula. In my mind, that’s a good thing.

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