Notes From The Underground

Notes From The Underground

Space Squid Magazine has published my story Notes From The Underground as its featured story of the month.

Here’s how I came to write it. While researching an alt history novel I’m working on, I saw a video about Japanese Kamikaze pilots saying good-bye to their loved ones and dedicating their lives to their nation in a solemn ritual before taking off. It was deeply moving to see those young men preparing for death. I could not help but recall Mishima’s Patriotism.

A few days later, I read an Atlantic article entitled How Indie Rock Changed The World. That’s when the scenario and characters came to me. Several of my interests, including music, history, electronics, and writing converged into a gritty, yet hopeful, post-apocalyptic tale. I hope you enjoy it.

13 thoughts on “Notes From The Underground”

    1. In My Cluttered Attic,

      Thank you, kind sir! And, yes, when you’ve got a lot of facts rattling around in your head, you never know what kind of interesting stories will grow out of them.

      In fact, “Cluttered Attic” pretty much describes my brain, but you beat me to it. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. I think most of our brains get a little cluttered. However, it’s always great when some of that clutter finds its way out and into something a bit more coherent that someone else can read and enjoy. Way to go, Mike. :o)


  1. Kamikazes, Indie rockers, ELF transmissions, Andrew Marvell – that’s an interesting mix, and a powerful tribute to human perseverance, art, and the need to touch others. Beautiful.


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