Best Fiction and Writing Blogs

Ezra Pound

The best fiction and writing blog posts from around the ‘net, all guaranteed to make you a literary rock star. Compiled by ezra.

John Hartness5 Reasons Why Your Story or Novel Gets Rejected
A. J. HumpageHow to Pace A Novel
A. E. StueveOn the Writing Process
Nicloa AlterThe Power of Competitions and Selections in YA Fiction
Emily BartonLiterary or Genre, It’s The Plot That Counts
Anna H. LucyThe Art That Does Have The Power To Save Lives
Brigido AnayaMastery, and the Meaning of Practise
Julian YanoverCSI: Poetry

3 thoughts on “Best Fiction and Writing Blogs”

  1. Tonight I feel like reading the ‘Mastery,and the Meaning of Practice’ but all the titles look quite promising, so I really looking forward to read it all. By the way- thank you for mentioning my recent blog that is ‘The Art That Does Have The Power To Save Life’ – as – in fact -as I explain in my post- if it wasn’t for Art and it’s healing power, one of my favorite and most talented American actors would be all long dead.


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