Whisper Listing

Whisper Listing

“In transactions involving haunted real estate, the rule is not only caveat emptor but also caveat venditor.”

The looming presidential election is shaping up as a combination fiasco and tragedy of such staggering proportions, the only thing we can do is laugh. So in a desperate act of escapism, I wrote a satirical flash fiction piece entitled “Whisper Listing.” It’s featured in the latest issue of Bewildering Stories. Here’s hoping it provides a bit of comic relief to our ongoing political agony.

(In real estate, a “whisper listing” is a house for sale in a market restricted to a select group of potential buyers. Celebrities often use them to avoid publicity.)

* Be sure to check out Challenge 680 linked at the end of my story!

13 thoughts on “Whisper Listing”

  1. Mike,

    I absolutely loved, “Whisper Listing.” Good job. For a flash fiction piece, you painted a clear picture. The characters were spot-on.

    Keep ‘em coming.

    Lookin’ forward, Ben A. Sharpton 678 777-5660 (C)

    Now available: • 7 Sanctuaries • The 3rd Option • Camp Fear • 2nd Sight http://www.bensharpton.com Member: ITW


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