Alan Alda and E.O. Wilson Talk on Creativity

E. O. Wilson is one of the most important and influential scientists of our age. His work on the deep foundations of human nature and behavior has inspired many in the arts and sciences – just to name one example, the fruitful new discipline called evolutionary psychology is impacting many areas, including marketing, politics, and education. His latest book, The Origins of Creativity, promises new insights into the creative process.

In the video linked above, Alan Alda interviews E. O. Wilson about the dynamics between the individual and society that inspire creativity:

Alan Alda: The campfire was the place that drew them. Maybe it was just the pleasure of looking at the flames, maybe it was to compete, maybe it was actually toasting marshmallows… but they told stories. That sounds to me like a tremendous engine for empathy.
E.O. Wilson: The important thing is to see what the groups really were when they gathered around the firelight as opposed to the sunlight, and to know what they were really saying, and what was talked about all around.
A.A.: During the day it was mostly workaday things: what are we going to eat, how are we going to get it.
E.O.W.: But what they were doing by the firelight—talking and singing and story-telling—was what made us human.
A.A.: Creativity is tied in with empathy. One way of looking at it is that originality is a group experience, as solitary as it might seem. How do you feel about that?
E.O.W.: The creative process tends to be an individual endeavor, but it often comes about when a very small group—often just two people or three people, are together and they’re toying with a problem. But there has to be a proper apportion of credit within the society that did this individual work.

The thrust of Wilson’s life work is that the division between the arts and sciences are neither natural nor helpful. His latest work promises new pathways between the two, a venture guaranteed to generate lively conversations and further discoveries.

12 thoughts on “Alan Alda and E.O. Wilson Talk on Creativity”

  1. Thank you for posting this very interesting discussion. Also for the part transcript as it brings the talk about creativity and empathy into focus.
    Sitting around a campfire…yes, what do we talk about. We get more spiritual, dreamy, softer.
    Even though creativity is an individual process most of the time it is based on experiences, talks and empathy with others.

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  2. Fascinating, Mike, and I concur with Miriam’s observations. I think campfires stir old things in our dna. We spent tens of thousands of years as a species huddled around campfires in safety, community, and telling stories.

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  3. Even when creativity is an individual effort, or expression, it is often done for others — to connect with them, to entertain them, to inform them, which, oddly, makes them passive participants. I’m thinking of writing novels/fiction. I wouldn’t be interested in writing if the only reader I’m doing it for is myself.

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