Editors’ Choices for Bewildering Stories’ Second Quarter

The God Particle

My short story “The God Particle” was selected as one of the Editors’ Choices for Bewildering Stories’ second quarter.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised how readers have reacted to this story. S. J. Higbee, author of the Sunblinded Trilogy, wrote, “Fabulous story – I really enjoyed it.” And I thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing it. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out.

My thanks to managing editor Don Webb and to the review editors at Bewildering Stories.

9 thoughts on “Editors’ Choices for Bewildering Stories’ Second Quarter”

  1. (…though it might seem a bit macabre for some… I’d be curious to have a meta-reaction study on which readers were hoping he’d have remained on the other side, sort of, and who were happier he returned.)

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      1. …oh dear.. I still have to get used to that, ‘Tuna’, instead of something else. (there’s a flexibility in Ital. that allows a kind of humor through, that disappears in Engl. Which, indirectly, that individual and cultural difference, ecc., is what the notion refers to. Who is in the action, the doing, the alarms prompting, who might be a bit more in the place. She, by the qay, is a great character… and the whole (story and interction,) already begs for a segue…)

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