The God Particle

God Particle The latest issue of Bewildering Stories features my story “The God Particle.”

Though he’s a rookie engineer at the Ising Particle Collider, Larry Bethany knows the facility’s inner workings better than anyone else. When all safeguards mysteriously fail and the system’s super-magnets overheat, Larry descends into the accelerator’s interior to shut down the power and prevent a meltdown. Racing against time, Larry discovers the impending disaster is no accident, and learns more about the collider – and himself – than he thought possible.

Not long ago, I read there are over 30,000 accelerators slamming sub-atomic particles into each other at near-light speed just to see what they’ll do. Science, however, is insatiable, so universities and research facilities around the world are pouring billions into building even bigger, more powerful units.

That got me to thinking — could there be ANY unforeseen consequences of tinkering with the basic building blocks of the universe? Just wondering …

12 thoughts on “The God Particle”

  1. …what are (or is the nature of, and if,) the basic building blocks of the universe? (The tinkering itself likely not, but then tinkering is never only tinkering. Majorana, maybe the best of the bunch, maybe realized that – yeah, the irony of the discoverer of anti going anti. Certainly not a few people in hiroshima and nagasaki lived and died with the results of such tinkering, and cernobil, and all the rest of us really from cell phones to… one can presume that a direct Vonnegut-like end won’t occur. But it’s the results of such tinkering that haven’t been quite so… promising, all the more so lately. Maybe we could dive more into what may be beneath the basics…. to change the results of the tinkering.

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    1. Tonno,

      Yes, so far, the results of that tinkering have not been promising. Some might say terrifying. We’ve yet to learn that just because we CAN do something doesn’t mean we SHOULD.

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