Quote of the day

“I loved the feel of the cold iron and steel warming to my touch and the sounds and smells of the gym. And I still love it. There is nothing I would sooner hear than the sound of heavy steel plates ringing as they are threaded onto the bar or dropped back to the rack after a strenuous lift.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Turns out writing and weightlifting have much in common.

8 thoughts on “Quote of the day”

    1. H.P.

      Our daughter got married (yay!) and moved out, so I was able to convert her bedroom into a home gym. I miss the companionship, but it’s a great substitute until things get back to normal.

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  1. Gym memberships are very expensive here in Japan, so I’ve been working out from home for years. Don’t pump iron anymore…mostly cardio, but I remember my steel days in the gym! Arnie still looks pretty ripped in recent films I’ve seen of him.

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