Days to Remember

Idle Ink has published my dark sci-fi story Days to Remember.”

The year: 2030. Zach Martine is a prisoner in the Alzheimer’s pod at a maximum security unit. A former soldier, his crime was to tell the world what he’d witnessed on the battlefield. He followed his conscience and now pays the price.

Hated by the other prisoners, he spends his days dodging deadly attacks. Nights find him unable to sleep, haunted by a relentless guilt for his past actions. Martine knows he deserves punishment, but not for the reason he’s in jail. Day after day, the injustice tears at him.

But he finds a way out, a way that allows him to escape while remaining true to his conscience.

The inspiration for this story hit me when I read about prisoners volunteering for medical experiments. One of the prisoners told the reporter he’d agreed to the program because he felt it was a way to atone for the harm he’d done.

I could not get the prisoner’s statement out of my mind. This story grew out of that unforgettable confession.

17 thoughts on “Days to Remember”

    1. A beloved aunt of mine died from complications of Alzheimer’s. She was the kindest person I ever knew, but the disease transformed her. She once told my father she felt like she woke up several times during the day from strange dreams, and would sink back into them without warning.

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      1. My Nan had Alzheimer’s and it was something I had never dealt with before. She used to jump through moments in her life so easily and I often hope that when she spent her last days in a home, she was living her life again in another world, in happiness. May they rest in peace.

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  1. I am a little overwhelmed by your story. Perhaps because it is both fiction and so real. I know those suffering from both Alzheimer’s and mental illness. I often do not know what is real to them and what is not.
    I’ll be sharing it to be sure.

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