Edgar Allan Poe

The best fiction and writing blog posts from around the ‘net, all guaranteed to make you a literary legend. Compiled by ed.

Diana PeachWorld-building: From Imagination to Reality
Evan DeHavenThe Stupidity of Removing Shakespeare
D. E. HaggertyTips for making your blog title catchy
Angie DokosThe Best Things About Reading
AquileanaPsychopomps in Mythology
Dan AlatorreFinish One Story, Don’t Chase Ten
Edgar Allan PoeHow to write a short story


      1. Hi Mike, 🙂 You will be happy to see that I did when you first posted, I went immediately to Evan’s and commented: “There are probably hundreds of words and phrases we use everyday that are directly from Shakespeare and she does not even realize she is speaking Shakespearean. Obviously, she is not educated in current American English, where so many phrases, word usages are directly from Shakespeare’s works, so her argument does not hold water. Perhaps she should not be teaching literature for that matter. Diversity is learning other ways of understanding cultures and times. Is history out too? Because Shakespeare is all about history. There is nothing more beautiful, historic, than the poems, sonnets, and plays written by Shakespeare. His plays and sonnets were often about class status and ethnicity. I guess she has never heard of “Romeo and Juliet” that portrays current American democratic views of philosophy and humanism Racism she says? You have got to be kidding. K D” Anyway, I was taken aback by anyone who could forgo Shakespeare for any reason. Shocking! I just hope I did not say to much! K D 🙂

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