Quote of the day

My den.

“People leave their homes to get away from themselves and from their surroundings. I confess that I live only in my surroundings and in myself. I can conceive of no greater pleasure than sitting in my chair at this desk and looking at the walls around me day by day and night after night…”

“I live in a world of imagination, which is set in motion by something suggested by my intimate surroundings rather than by outside influences, which distract me and give me nothing. I find an exquisite joy when I search deeply in the recesses of myself, and if anything original is to come from me, it can only come that way.”

Claude Debussy

So, how about it, folks? Do you recharge your creative juices relaxing at home, among intimate surroundings, or by going out into the world?

31 thoughts on “Quote of the day”

  1. Balance is good, but what I was thinking while reading this, is YES! Being in my own home is great – just being with my reading and writing is a great time when things are peaceful. It’s a sign of creating my own stable environment and creating something in front of me. I have been without those things in my life. So to have them is a very great thing. I can write in the library, but McDonalds is even more a challenge – seems like right when you are on the brink of a good idea a mother brings in her screaming kids. Sure kids can scream, it just doesn’t do very well for meditation. Thanks for sharing Mr. Tuggle.

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  2. While in college and just after, I did most of my writing at a coffee shop or Waffle House. I couldn’t write at home for some reason. Now, I write almost exclusively at home, usually on the weekends. It’s like I need that space to decompress from the rigors of my “other” life at work.

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  3. In order to focus, I really need to be in a quiet space alone. Fortunately, I’m married to a design engineer who designed and built a writing studio for me in our backyard. It suits my needs; it isn’t large and overwhelming. It’s just right. Thanks, Mike, for the quote from Debussy, a favorite composer of mine.

    Here’s a link to some photos of my studio: https://sherreymeyer.com/welcome-2/. And thanks for sharing a look into your den.

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    1. Sherrey,

      I’m envious of your writing studio! It looks perfect for concentrating.

      Have you ever read East is East by T.C. Boyle? Much of the action takes place at a writer’s retreat in Georgia, where each guest writer gets their own cottage and enjoys meal delivery so nothing breaks their concentration. In the evening, the writers meet and discuss their works in progress. Sounds wonderful.

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