The Underground Library society


English professor and writer Charles French founded The Underground Library Society, inspired by Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. In Bradbury’s dystopian novel, books have been banned and the subject population submits to a crushing conformity. A handful of rebels “become” books by memorizing them in the hope that one day, books and free thought will again thrive.

Members of The Underground Library Society will have the opportunity to publish a guest post on French’s blog and reveal what book they’d “become” and why. In my post, I make a case for memorizing and preserving Beowulf. Why that particular work? Check it out!

16 thoughts on “The Underground Library society”

  1. Your post led my mind to wander to this:
    We recently had a letter about an alumnae association proposal to raise funds to renovate their school’s library. That led us to wonder what a library in this age should have to attract, educate and inspire modern students.
    Perhaps you too would like to speculate on that.

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  2. Thanks for giving me some appreciation for Beowulf.

    In your well-written and intriguing U.L.S. post, you wrote: “It’s the high school classic that made me into a future English major.” 🙂

    At the same time of life, I experienced: It’s the high school assignment that confused and bewildered me 😦 such that it’s a wonder I still like literature.

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