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Q&A with Aztec Midnight Author, M.C. Tuggle

Here’s a short interview in which I discuss my writing process, what inspires me, and the back story of Aztec Midnight. 

Trigger Warning: Yes, the picture accompanying the interview shows my actual work space. Folks used to tidy offices may be offended, even shocked. It’s chaotic, but I manage to write there. Somehow.

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Gifting an eBook

Aztec Midnight ebook

Now here’s a great Christmas gift idea from The Novel Fox:

Try ebooks this year as a gift for travelers, commuters, book club members, coworkers, teachers . . . or any book lover!

Many e-bookstores allow you to gift an ebook. It’s easy to make the ebook a more tangible gift by printing the book cover on card stock or photo paper and including the details on how to redeem it. An ebook is perfect for a stocking stuffer or a little something extra to go in a card, along with a baked good or small gift. Ebooks are an inexpensive, easy, and thoughtful gift for all occasions!

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Aztec Midnight Release

Aztec Midnight

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By M.C. Tuggle

When drug cartels begin vandalizing ancient Aztec sites throughout Mexico in search of the sacred obsidian knife of Aztec emperor Ahuitzotl, the Mexican government reaches out to the U.S. State Department for assistance. Dr. Jon Barrett, an archaeologist and pre-Columbian weapons expert, then journeys to Cuernavaca with his wife Susanna at the request of Eric Winwood, a high-ranking State Department official, to find and rescue the knife before the cartels can claim it. Locating the knife proves more challenging and dangerous than Dr. Barrett anticipated, and he and Susanna soon find themselves at the center of the cartels’ search. For Dr. Barrett and his wife to survive, he will be forced to apply his knowledge of ancient weapons in the face of an ancient power he never imagined.

“This fast-paced novella amps up the suspense with well-crafted dialogue and a Mexican drug cartel subplot. . . . M. C. Tuggle’s meticulous creation of a suspenseful, driving thriller makes Aztec Midnight very engaging.” – Foreword Clarion Reviews

“It zips right along from twist to twist, eventually arriving at a bloody finale.” – Kirkus Reviews

Click here to buy Aztec Midnight and to read an excerpt. For background on the creation of Aztec Midnight, click here.

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